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Making Memories


We, at Motherlode Photography have been servicing clients in all parts of California since 1976. Families, Seniors, Boudoirs, Corporate Portraits as well as Weddings.  Service and quality is what separates us from the flock.

Our Approach


What makes our work different? Sure, there is the photographic techniques but, there is more. One of the most important things is the planning.  We go over,  prior to the session, what you, the client, has in mind... a special occasion,  time to record a moment in time, a special theme. Also, we will go over, in detail,  clothing. 

What to Expect


When we finish the session, we go over the selection process right then. This way, you can make sure that it is actually what you are looking for.  I works so well for families that members of the group live in different places... this way, everyone gives feed back and gets what they want also.

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Have a question about the services we provide? Send us the details on the type of project you're looking to hire for, and we'll be happy to get back to you with a free quote and information.

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